Saturday, April 25, 2009

If serpent handling is a sign of true salvation then......

A few weeks ago, our family went on an overnight field trip with our cover school to our local 4-H center where we discovered just how adept Craig is with a large rock and a lot of adrenaline! Here are a few pictures of his foe:

While he was considering his options, his foe took this pose:

Some of the boys, Jason included, had run to the main office seeking the maintenance man for assistance. What they found was sweet Mrs. Betty who called the maintenance man and received these instructions: "if you have an adult with you, you may kill the snake". Well, well, many times do you have to give 12-13 year old boys permission to kill a snake ? not many because within seconds they were back down the hill with the instructions for Craig to kill the snake. Of course, there was no implement with which to carry out this task. So, being resourceful, he reached for a very large rock and proceeded to hurl the rock at the snake's head. I am sure he felt somewhat like David as he faced Goliath with 5 small stones......but he won! What once was a venomous 3 1/2 foot threat to 40+ people had met his match!

So, I ask, did he pass the serpent-handling test ?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lazy or too busy ?

Well, our DESIRE was to post more on our family blog but that isn't happening. It is because of one of three things:
1) we are too lazy,
2) we are too boring, or
3) we are too busy.

I am choosing option #3.

April has been a very full month. It always is and I guess will be for the duration of our homeschooling lives. It is the time of the year that all things converge together....drama performances, SAT testing, piano competitions, track meets, sports events, end-of-the-year field trips, birthday parties, etc. And it all comes at a time when we have SPRING FEVER! Oh well....we are trying to pull it together to finish this year before the end of May.

Speaking of the end of May....let me share with you what Giann will be doing this summer. She has been accepted to be a local summer missionary for Child Evangelism Fellowship where she will be one of a team of seven who will be conducting backyard Bible clubs throughout the Birmingham-metro area for 7 weeks. She has to go to training from May 30-June 6 and has tons of Scripture and material to memorize. Everyone that she has talked with and we have talked with that has done this has loved it, even though the work is hard. She is excited.

Jason.... we haven't figured out what he will be doing to redeem his time this summer. We will be working on that plan in the weeks to come.

Again, our desire is to be more diligent in our postings! We are trying and maybe as life slows down a bit, we will be successful!