Saturday, April 25, 2009

If serpent handling is a sign of true salvation then......

A few weeks ago, our family went on an overnight field trip with our cover school to our local 4-H center where we discovered just how adept Craig is with a large rock and a lot of adrenaline! Here are a few pictures of his foe:

While he was considering his options, his foe took this pose:

Some of the boys, Jason included, had run to the main office seeking the maintenance man for assistance. What they found was sweet Mrs. Betty who called the maintenance man and received these instructions: "if you have an adult with you, you may kill the snake". Well, well, many times do you have to give 12-13 year old boys permission to kill a snake ? not many because within seconds they were back down the hill with the instructions for Craig to kill the snake. Of course, there was no implement with which to carry out this task. So, being resourceful, he reached for a very large rock and proceeded to hurl the rock at the snake's head. I am sure he felt somewhat like David as he faced Goliath with 5 small stones......but he won! What once was a venomous 3 1/2 foot threat to 40+ people had met his match!

So, I ask, did he pass the serpent-handling test ?


  1. I personally think Craig passed the test! :P And I am so glad no one was harmed! (Well, except the snake, of course!) I am impressed that he was able to take pictures while awaiting permission to kill the thing!

  2. I've always said that the only good snake is one that has been bludgeoned to death!!

    So, I say, Craig did a good thing!!!

    God bless him, :O)
    Lori Mc.

  3. He did not take the pictures. A friend of ours did.


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