Saturday, March 21, 2009

From crutches to wheels !

Yes.....Jason has progressed from his crutches to a thing with wheels...not a wheelchair but this....

and because he has learned to share...we had this.....

Jason has tried to wait patiently as we have searched for a mini-bike for him. We had tried to find him a good used one for 2 months and found one today at the local pawn shop. He has had a blast riding it around the neighborhood and on the trails. Happy belated 12th Birthday !!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Giving Bank

Hello All,

Many of you are very interesting...well, all of you are interesting but I think I am talking about in reference to the blogging. You read the blog and then instead of posting a comment, you send me an email. That is fine but you could save yourself a step if you would post on the blog. I am all about efficiency!

On to the post for today.......our giving bank (see previous posts if you are not sure what this is). This month, we have struggled with our bank and who/what to give to. Our church has a Family Assistance program that they collect donations for at the beginning of each month so Craig donated to that program. Then we weren't sure what to do. He didn't get money from the giving bank, per se; he took it from his wallet. Well, that left money in the bank. After three weeks of praying, we still do not have any leading from the Lord about who to give this money to so we have decided to leave it in the bank until next month...let it build. Additionally, we have found two old pair of eyeglasses that we will donate to Target's ONE SIGHT program. See their site for more information

I think the Lord is reminding us that not all giving has to be monetary....another reason why we are cleaning out drawers, cabinets, and closets. We will be making a trip to the Hannah Home collection boxes soon to give away those things we do not need.

I think I am going to borrow this saying from a wiser woman......

"I aim to live simply so I can give generously"

Happy Giving,

Friday, March 6, 2009

Football Days.....

Flag football practice started last week! Jason was excited because he enjoyed the game so much last fall. He has the privilege of being coached by another homeschooling father who is also a family friend. Knowing what the coach expected and a lot of the plays, Jason was thrilled for the spring season to start. At practice this Tuesday, he was sprinting down the field and felt like he was off to a good start until he heard a "pop" and fell to the ground. Now, instead of sporting cleats, these are his new appendages....

And this is his new "THRONE.......

Needless to say, he is bored stiff and sad that he won't be playing in their first game tomorrow. We are hoping for a full recovery soon so he can return to his team. Go Tigers!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow on the First Day of March!

We awoke to a white yard and blowing snow. It has been snowing pretty strong all morning and the kids and Craig went out in it to play. Because of loaning my skiwear to various members of our family (Giann had my snow shoes, Craig my ski jacket because he had loaned his to someone outside the family, and Jason with one of his ski mittens and one of my ski gloves), I had to stay inside and keep warm :). I managed to endure the warmth of the home while they romped in the snow. Below are some pictures, esp. for our friends who are experiencing 75 degree weather today.

This is a view of our home around 8:30 am.

Craig and Jason enduring the cold!

I couldn't resist this one.....a cardinal enduring the snow to get some food.

The neighbors and Giann "eating" snow.

A different type of snowman!