Saturday, June 6, 2009

22 years and counting.....

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary!

Many of you are wondering how that could be...."why, we are way too young to have been married that long." LOL!

You see, I was just 12 when I got married :0!!

I told that to someone today and she replied with "Well, you are from Alabama." (Imagine the drawl in that sentence.)

I see, I am not from Alabama but from a close cousin (Louisiana) where marrying at a young age probably would have been acceptable.....that is if you could have convinced MY parents!

So as to not reveal our exact ages at marriage (I was over 12), the family "rule" I lived with was you had to finish your degree BEFORE you were eligible for matrimony. And that meant your undergraduate degree, not just a high school degree. I graduated from college in May, married Craig two weeks later, and then moved 350 miles away from family to start our journey. And what a journey it has been !

At times, marriage has been an arduous trek. And at other times, it has been a a slow, peaceful stroll. But, at ALL times, always with the Lord. He has never left us, nor forsaken us as we have traveled the path He has laid before us.

As Craig said from day one -

"Marriage is an enhancement to life!"

Our lives have been enhanced and enriched because the Lord gave us the blessing of marriage. He has taught us to rely on Him and to trust Him with all things and in all things. He has been faithful to two young adults who started out on this path 22 years ago who had little of nothing but each other, some huge hopes and dreams, and the Lord as our guide. We walked pathways we never dreamed we would walk and we have experienced struggles we never dreamed we would have to go through. We have experienced great highs and very low lows. All while we were learning not just about each other but, more importantly, about the Almighty God we love and serve. Love does grow deeper as the years go longer.....both for your spouse and for the Lord. What a wonderful God we serve!

We pray our marriage testimony, in some small way, encourages you in your walk with the Lord!

Many smiles to you........debra


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    You two have a relationship that many only wish to have.

    Your very happily married friend,
    Lori Mc.

  2. Congrats to you both!! Roy & I celebrated our 37th last month!

    Love, Jackie

  3. Happy Anniversary and may the Lord bless you with many more wonderful years together!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I didn't even know you had a blog - I've read Giann's since she started it, but didn't know about yours. I'm so glad to find it!

    I hope you guys had a great anniversary!!


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