Saturday, July 11, 2009

Being "UP OVER" vs. "Down Under"...the process of re-entry

It takes 24 hours to fly to and from Australia. Twenty-four looonnnggg hours. Going to Australia, you loose a day. On return, you gain a day or you get to do a day over. For example, we left Sydney on July 1, flew 24 hours, and arrived home on July 1. It was a "do over" day. For us, though, we were too tired to "do over."

Someone asked this question....if you are no longer "Down under" does that mean you are now "Up Over"???

The answer is a resounding YES....after you have traveled like that, you are definitely "UP OVER" something. Or at least it feels that way.

But back to the topic at We have now been home for 10 days. The first few days were hard. We were tired and sleepy and just in an overall fog for most of the time. I wouldn't tell you that our days and nights were mixed up from flying; but I would tell you because you were so tired, you wanted to nap during the day which would mess up your sleeping at night. So, you had to fight to stay awake until bedtime. OR, if you didn't, you stayed awake at night. Don't ask how we (well, Craig) know that, just trust us (him).

Re-entry has more issues than just sleep. You have to re-enter back into the world you left behind. Things like your children, extended family, the telephone, the cell phone, the US news, the mail and household managment issues, the dog, yardwork, etc. All those things that you had laid aside to go on vacation. Now, we would have enjoyed having our children with us on this trip. We actually like them and enjoy traveling with them.

But all the other things on the list come down to one thing....responsibilities. And when you are on vacation (or holiday as they say in New Zealand and Australia), you get to ignore or postpone dealing with your responsibilities. Not to mention that someone else is cooking for you, cleaning for you, and providing for you. All you have to do is eat, sleep, and enjoy!

So, I have reassessed our re-entry issues and come to this conclusion:

We did not suffer from jet-lag.

We suffered from being UP OVER....

up over REALITY
--we were not the rich and famous nor
had we been born into royalty, sooo
we had to return
I am not sure which is better......being down under or being up over.....

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  1. Yes, vacation is hard enough to get over. But a 10 day vacation to the other side of the world? I can see how that would be a problem!!!


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