Monday, April 12, 2010

Radical....on Giann's blog

Because Giann is way more techno-savvy than me, you need to go over to her blog at MyLife.....Unscripted and check out her link to our pastor's new book...he does a video intro which she links you to directly.  Go check it out.



  1. Debra,

    Thank you for your encouragement and your prayers!!

    I did check out the website. What a great idea! I wish I was creative and could think of something like that!!

    Hope you're doing well!!


  2. Mrs. H.

    I saw your comment about the paper bead necklaces on Katie's blog... my sisters and I had the privilage of purchasing some from Pearl Ministries, whom Allsion Lewis' husband now works for, at a fundraiser yesterday. I overheard the sweet ladies who sold the jewelry say that they've been travelling around Bham and areas nearby. Maybe you could contact A.L. about that. Our necklaces are totally cute!! It is wonderful to know that we're helping Ugandan orphans and families by wearing these.

    Many blessings,
    Hannah H.

  3. Hi D!

    I totally agree that Giann does a fantastic job with the blogs. I asked her to help me out when she's here sometime and she sent me a link. It didn't help me any - I'm computer illiterate. I just don't get all those links and stuff and where to put it that won't freak out my blog. Maybe I will figure it out someday, or maybe she'll come over and fix me up.

    On another note, after seeing the new book Platt has put together from the Radical series (on her blog), I ordered it (of course) and we are hoping to start a small group here over the Summer to go through that book and use the study guide he's created too. WhoHoo! I can't wait until they arrive.



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