Sunday, February 13, 2011

Something Different....A Magazine Review

Everyday Food...A Martha Stewart Magazine

Wait!  Before you roll your eyes and think this is a magazine for "froo-froo" cooking or one that has recipes that has such odd ingredients you have to go to three stores and take out a loan just to make dinner...stop!  The only way you know this is a Martha Stewart publication is because it says so right under the title.   Oh...and it has her picture, too.

But this magazine is what it says it is....EVERYDAY FOOD.  You know, chicken, beef, potatoes, peas.  Now, they may mix it up a tad different but it is the food you can find at your local Walmart or Publix.

In my most recent issue, here are some of the recipes:  Asian Chicken Salad or Sandwich (a 2 for 1 meal), same with Greek Salad/Sandwich, Grilled Steak Salad/Sandwich,  several simple pasta dishes - some with chicken, shrimp, or meatless, sides of green beans with spiced breadcrumbs (who couldn't use a NEW way to serve green beans!), Cheese Enchiladas with 3 different options for sauces, and several dessert options. And each issue comes with a recipe index as well as each recipe has nutritional values listed.

The magazine comes monthly for as little as $14.95 a year.  If you have a child or neighbor's child that is fortunate to go to one of the schools that sells subscriptions as a fundraiser, well, here is your chance to try Everyday Food.

As a subscriber, you have access to their website Everydayfoodmag which opens the door to the magazine, the tv show, and the blog.  You can also subscribe to have a dinner recipe emailed to you each day.  They have a search function where you can enter an ingredient and the results will yield recipes.  For example, I entered chocolate chips and received 55 results.  These results included recipes as well as 6 video recipes.

All in all, Everyday Food is not for the advanced chef looking for a culinary degree.  If it was, it would be entitled Culinary Delights Magazine for Chefs (or something similar).  But it is for regular cooks, like you and me, looking to put a delightful dinner on the table!

I did not receive any compensation for my review of Everyday Food - not even a free magazine or discounted subscription!   I thought it might be something different to read on this blog as well as an encouragement to my friends who enjoy cooking as much as I do:).  

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