Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choosing to Mary Beth Chapman

Often not the one in the spotlight, nor the one who you hear much from or about, Mary Beth takes center stage in this book and becomes transparent with heartaches and despair, trials and sufferings, good times and bad.  Wife of Steven Curtis Chapman, Mary Beth shares the story surrounding the loss of Maria.  But more than that, she shares a story of hope.

I wasn't ready for the raw honesty with which Mary Beth writes.  She reaches in to the depths of her soul and shares it with you as if you are walking the journey with her.  Being the wife of a multi-award winning singer/songwriter, you would think that their life would be a "Garden of Eden" of sorts.  No, Mary Beth reveals that they, too, have had their share of struggles before the tragic loss of Maria.  It is in this book that Mary Beth shares their journey...the journey that God has written of how He is in control and is doing all things for His glory.

While tough in some spots, this book is definitely a must read.  Especially for those who believe they can live a scripted, well-planned life.

It is intense.

You will weep and you will laugh.

And ultimately, you will know that God is God and you are not.....

5 stars