Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Gift of the New Year

Hello Everyone,

So sorry for the delay in posting. I would think about it and then get distracted. But here we are now.

I wanted to follow up on our "giving bank" we started this year. In a matter of a few weeks, we collected almost $30 in change (that is very sad to think we had that much change around the house and in the cars, etc.) During our family Bible study one Monday night, Craig asked us to start to pray about what organization we would give to for January. The very next day we received a request in the mail to participate in a "Swim for Life" that would benefit Camp Smile-a-Mile (www.campsam.org). This young lady was going to raise money by swimming 200 laps during the event ! All to benefit cancer patients and their families. Fully believing that God had answered our prayer quickly, we decided to contribute some of those funds. We already have a goal for our next request (and for February) which is from another young lady who is walking in the Sav-a-Life event to raise money for the local Sav-a-Life organization. Her reason for participating in this event is that she personally was given life by her birth mother and released for adoption...giving her the loving parents she has today. So, we are eagerly watching for change to put in the bank !

We hope this encourages you, too, to find ways to help those around you. And, if you have a special organization or event that is near and dear to your heart, please share it with us.

Many blessings to you,


  1. I know you already know what a great organization Sav-A-Life is, but I wanted to share a quick story...my friend's husband went to Sav-A-Life years ago, before they were married, with a pregnant friend. (He was not even the dad, just went to be supportive.) While there, he heard the Gospel and became a Christian! Thanks for sharing what the Lord is doing in your family!

  2. Yeah, now I get to read your writings too! I checked out the place in Costa Rica, I need to meet your family friend :O). You know Todd wouldn't let us go anyway, the airfare could be used to get clean water to someone. Love you guys, your blogging buddy,

  3. To Hannah -
    I love your book alot! Are you going to write anymore? You are a great example to other girls!

    Love always,


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