Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Summit

Well, it is that time of the year for our annual SUMMIT !

Years ago, Craig and I started taking the time between Christmas and New Year's to plan our goals for the next year and we dubbed it "The Summit". It takes us days to complete it because we work through a little bit at a time. Our "summit" includes our budget but it also includes evaluating the use of our time in relation to the goals that we set at the previous summit. Topics that we discuss are: discipleship of our family, mission trip opportunities, local service projects and/or giving ideas, fellowship time with other believers, local service in our church, etc. You get the idea.

It has been a very beneficial time because it makes us really look at what we believe is important and what we are doing about what we believe.

Growing up, I had a mother who did not let life "happen" to her....she was proactive in making her life "happen". In otherwords, if she wanted to learn something, she found a class to take or a book to read. If she wanted to experience some activity, she found a place to do it. (Maybe that is why at 75 she still line dances; volunteers at the hospital, the zoo, and for Hospice; coordinates a few things for her church; travels extensively to wherever she wants to go, etc.)

That is what "The Summit" does for makes us make life happen ! Sure, we have interruptions and have to readjust oftentimes, but at least we know where we are headed.

Hope this encourages you to think through what you will be doing with your time, money, and resources in 2009 !

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