Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow on the First Day of March!

We awoke to a white yard and blowing snow. It has been snowing pretty strong all morning and the kids and Craig went out in it to play. Because of loaning my skiwear to various members of our family (Giann had my snow shoes, Craig my ski jacket because he had loaned his to someone outside the family, and Jason with one of his ski mittens and one of my ski gloves), I had to stay inside and keep warm :). I managed to endure the warmth of the home while they romped in the snow. Below are some pictures, esp. for our friends who are experiencing 75 degree weather today.

This is a view of our home around 8:30 am.

Craig and Jason enduring the cold!

I couldn't resist this one.....a cardinal enduring the snow to get some food.

The neighbors and Giann "eating" snow.

A different type of snowman!

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