Sunday, May 3, 2009

Snake followup

Hmmmmm.....some of you had very interesting comments about Craig and the snake-handling event. But the most interesting one came from a forester friend of ours who reports some interesting facts.

First, he said that the statistics say 50% of snakebites come from people trying to kill a snake. Oops. Glad we did not make that statistic. Remember this though when you are in your yard or in the local woods and come upon a snake. Your odds are not good.

Second, he said when he doesn't have his truck tire or his pistol handy to take out the enemy, he has been told by snake experts to get a 5-6 spindly branch and use it like a whip and "waa-pow" the snake at the back of his head (kind of where his so called neck would be). This is suppose to kill the snake ?! I had to ask if he had indeed seen this technique and he had. However, I just couldn't see someone try it who had never used it or seen it being used. A large rock seemed like such a better option. Of course, not having to deal with a venomous snake at all would be the preferred choice!

I don't know about you, but I prefer the NOT having to deal with the snake. By the way, I wasn't the cameraman for this event. I, very purposefully, was sitting inside the recreation hall, visiting with a friend until someone returned and told us the snake was dead. It was only then that we exited the building and returned to our dorms, watching very closely every step we took.


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