Wednesday, September 29, 2010


*Hello, this is Giann representing the Hoosier Family over here. 
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Anyway, We have celebrated 3 birthdays since Mom we abandoned  took a break from blogging.

The first one was Giann's. You can read about it here.

Then Dad's came not even a month later!

I, Giann, decided to make a carrot cake for his birthday. But, no, not just any carrot cake but an actual carrot cake.  

Yes. It was quite a feat! *wipes forehead*

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy and to gaze upon my culinary goodness! ;)

Then my grandmother aka Nanny has been staying with us since the beginning of September  and her birthday came just a few days ago. I made a to die for Chocolate Cake. (click on "Chocolate Cake" to get the recipe.)

Here are some pictures from her birthday night.

The Cake.

Nanny and I.

Jason and Nanny.

•Sorry about abandoning this blog! It's just that I, Giann, do more over at my blog! You should check my blog out! (p.s. if you can't view it, just let me know.)

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  1. Wow.......YUM!!!!

    Happy belated Birthday to ALL of you!!

    Tell your mom we miss her!

    I'm hopping over to check your blog out!


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