Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blogging Calling - I found it!

I think I have finally found my "blogging calling!!"


I discovered that you can get free books if you will agree to write a review on your blog.  How hard is that??

 I love books.  I love to hold books.  I covet books.  I own books.  I do not pack-rat anything else in my house but books.

I have joked for years with a few close friends that suffer with the same problem that we should start a BA.


I can see us now....sitting in a folding chairs....waiting quietly as the group counselor  group librarian opens the meeting and we introduce ourselves with the famous line of

"Hi, my name is _________ and I have a problem."  

Then we go around the room talking about what book we just bought or refrained from buying or we are coveting or we have on "the list".

Those of you who LOVE books are nodding your heads right now.
Those of you who are just so-so book people, you are shaking your heads right now.
The rest of you, well, I lost you at the mention of books on the first line!

Stay tuned.....the first review is coming up!


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  1. I would fall into the "I don't really like books" category!! But, I am happy that you are back into the blogging mood! :)


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