Monday, December 29, 2008

New Traditions for 2009

This year, in 2008, we have tried to be more aware of the needs around us and in the world. We have given as the Lord has impressed us -- both of our time and our resources.

A few days ago, I was pondering this new organization that works towards clean drinking water that a friend of ours shared with us (to see the article you can link to her blog to the right of this post - At Home for Him and scroll down to her post about this organization). Oftentimes, I feel frustrated because the need is so great and our part is so small. The Lord has been showing us through our local church and through friends how He takes all of our small efforts together and they do make an impact. It is important if all we do is impact one person. But you know how it is ---it just seems better if you could see the difference made by your giving.

Thus, I ordered a digital counting jar from Avon ! Yes... at because I could not locate one in a local store (I was informed that these are seasonal items, sold only at Christmas - go figure !). The reason I wanted one was because I wanted to show our children (and myself) how we could save what we think is minimal (leftover change from a purchase) and it would collectively make a solid amount for giving - either to a local organization or to one like the one that does clean water.

Because I was in the mood to save money, I did a quick goggle search for coupon code for Avon (I never like paying full price for anything !). When I did this search, it did not give me a code, but told me if I would enter my zip code on the Avon site, I would receive a list of local representatives. If I would order through one of those local reps, I would receive either free shipping or a discount. So, I read through the list of local reps, found someone I used to go to church with, selected her, and ordered ! I save over $10 and it will be shipped directly to me - she doesn't have to do anything. I think that is a pretty good deal - she gets blessed and doesn't even know it (yet - I am sure will send her an email or something).

If I knew how to post a pic, I would but that is Giann's department. She is the creator of our blog with all the cute things on it.

Many blessings to you and may you be a blessing to those around you,

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  1. Thanks for the link to the clean water for children project. Maybe that will encourage someone else to help.

    I love the idea of the counting jar, I'll have to look into that. We do keep our change in a huge 3 liter soda bottle. I think Todd and I have had the bottle the entire time we've been married! (That's nearing 19 years!) In the early years of our marriage, that jar was always money for vacation spending. Now, we have a greater purpose for our spending.

    Love you guys,
    Lori Mc.


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