Friday, April 29, 2011

"Too Rich......for a Bride" by Mona Hodgson

In Book 2 of the Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek, Ida Sinclair joins her sisters in Colorado.  However, unlike her two sisters, Kat and Nell, she is not on a mission of love but on a mission of business.  Ms. Ida Sinclair has her eyes and heart set on being a successful business woman.  Nothing is inherently wrong with this goal except....well.... it is 1896!

"Too Rich for a Bride" entertains through the twists and turns that life takes Ms. Sinclair as she embarks on her journey to become a career woman.  As fate would have it, she is gainfully employed by the only woman in town, Mollie O'Bryan, and becomes determined to learn everything she can from Cripple Creek's most infamous successful businesswoman.  However, it isn't too long after arriving that a few of the men in town notice Ms. Sinclair.  Not too easily swayed, she stays the course until circumstances beyond her control force her to assess her priorities.  What will win her affections?  her career?  a dashing city attorney?  the traveling preacher?

Here is the first Chapter.....

Too Rich for a Bride by Mona Hodgson (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

This is a quick, easy read and  I would have loved to have had it poolside or at the beach! Mona Hodgson tells the story in such a way that you did not have to have read Book 1 to understand this book.  However, I would like to read Book I now.  Additionally,  I would recommend this read to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable historical fiction book.

4 stars

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.  As always, my opinions are my own. 

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