Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Healthy Living Wednesdays: Are You Puckered?

Week One is over!

How did you do with your water/liquid intake?  If you are like me, you did good for a few days and then life got busy again and well, lost count of how much water you were drinking.  But, alas, do not fret.  While it is Wednesday and the middle of the work is the start of Week Two of Healthy Living and we can commit again.  Makes Wednesday a good day!!

Do you know one of the reasons ladies want to drink water?


Staying hydrated lessens the wrinkled puckered look.  Do you want to look like this?

I think not.   Me either.  Can't get to the water fast enough:).

This week....we are adding Healthy Nuts!  

Yes, because we do not diet  ("limit intake according to a prescribe rule").

We are learning how to LIVE! 

 And in living.....there are "Healthy Nuts" for you to add to your daily intake.

Healthy Nuts include RAW almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and macadamia nuts.  DO NOT eat peanuts (they are not nuts) and do not eat nuts that have been roasted or toasted!  You want raw! 

Previously, you had to go to Wh**e F**ds to find a good selection of healthy nuts but now even your local W*lm*rt has them.  I keep a can of Raw Almonds in my vehicle so when we are out, if I get hungry, I can grab 8-10 almonds and drink some water.  Viola!  I have curbed my appetite and skipped the drive-thru.  PLUS, I have given my body some healthy fats (that is not an oxymoron....healthy fat just doesn't sit on your thighs!)

Our local good grocer has a great selection of raw nuts.  I have my kids eating RAW nuts by putting them out on the bar in my kitchen.  Now, kids can eat more than you.  If you start GRAZING on the are having way to much!  

What I am doing is having my handful of healthy nuts about mid-afternoon - you know, when you normally get the munchies.  Instead of choosing a carb stack, try choosing healthy RAW nuts.  It is enough protein that you should not be hungry until supper time!  

REMEMBER....We are adding a handful of RAW nuts a day and increasing our daily water intake so as not to have puckered faces!  

Happy Living!  

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