Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healthy Living & Weight-loss Wednesday

I borrowed the title for this series from a new blogging friend.  As I mentioned before, I have been pondering resurrecting a series I did (via email - gasp!) about healthy eating.  Why?  Because I need the reminders....I have, ummm....let's just say have "fallen off the wagon" and would like to return to some former healthy ways.

Where are you?  Are you feeling good? or do you find yourself like me...feeling tired, rundown, and maybe carrying a few extra pounds that you would like to shed.  If so, keep reading.

Or just want to read to see what I am going to say this time -lol!

Or might want to add some healthy things to your already healthy way of life.

Whatever finds you reading today, hang around, join the community and share your thoughts.

Is this a Diet? you ask.  NO WAY!  we do not diet in this house.  According to the faithful Webster, diet is "to limited intake according to a prescribed rule."  In this series on Healthy Living and Eating, we are going to discuss what we should be adding to our intake.  Now in that process you may find that some unhealthy things in your current intake get moved around, but that is not because someone has said you cannot have it.  Or you may discover that your taste buds do not want that box of cheeze-its for a snack this afternoon.  Things may change......but it will not be because you went on a DIET.  It will be because you changed your lifestyle. THAT pattern is very different.  

And freeing!

Do you know why?

Because no one likes to be told they cannot have something.  

Put a bowl of M&Ms on the counter at your house and tell your peeps they can't have any.  They will dip in that bowl the minute your head is turned.  It is the sin nature people.  So the minute you say "diet", even if just in your head, you start to rebel.

Instead, we tell ourselves what we are going to ingest what is good for us and in the process....we shall see what happens!

So today is Week One of Healthy Living and Weight-loss Wednesday and we are going to start with WEIGHnesday and WATERdnesday (a little lame?  yes, but you will remember, no?)

Yep, go stand on the scale and see how much you weigh.   You don't have to tell anyone...but you need to know how much you weigh so you can figure out the minimum amount of water you need.  Take your weight, divide by 2 and that is the number of ounces of water need for the day.  WAIT!  if you drink caffeine ( myself), then you need more water to compensate for the caffeine.

Do not get stuck here on if you should have filtered, bottled, or what type of water is the most healthy for you.  If all you have is tap water, then drink it. I am almost positive that your tap water is better for you than that can of diet coke!  or the Starbucks:).

A disclaimer....where did I gather the information I will share in this series?  personal research (and I will cite the source) as well as my sister's work when she was in practice as an MD.  A little background on her program - she devised a 9 month program for a group of women who wanted to not only lose weight but wanted to change their lifestyle.   I "borrowed" the idea of "no diet concept" from this program because it did not have a diet component - only healthy eating. It also included movement...that "E" word that makes us sweat!  Oh, wait!  Ladies do NOT sweat....we perspire....

Are you going to join me back on the wagon?

To Healthy Living,


  1. Good morning! Well, I thought I drank a good bit of water, but I learned yesterday I am not drinking enough. My goal is to do better today. Thanks again for this. Kathy

  2. Kathy...when I got "back on the wagon", I realized I wasn't drinking enough water either. I thought I was going to float away trying to get my daily intake! of course, it can be other liquids (as long as it is not caffeinated) but the trick is to not drink caffeinated or sugary drinks. Well, then why not just drink water??

  3. Drinking water is probably what I do best, health wise. It is primarily what I drink. However, sometimes I don't drink enough. I did better yesterday but didn't quite reach the goal -- unfortunately a testament to how much weight I need to lose. Today, I am OBVIOUSLY off to a better start. ha! Today is a week since I recommitted myself to Gluten free. I rebelled three or four weeks ago and went hog wild. Today I was actually able to get up and going and get things done before I left for work. Now, if I get the weight off --
    WATCH OUT WORLD! HA! Have a great day! Kathy


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